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Originally Posted by Gregs
I would recommend that you do these areas by hand very carefully. If you want to be sure not to wax those trim pieces tape them off. Take your time putting the tape on and try to make it as flush as possible with the edge. This will allow you to wax right til the edge and not leave behing any unsightly white marks on the black trim. When I do these areas I make sure not to use an excessive amount of wax that way there aren't large amounts of wax seeping out of the pad. These areas become easier to wax with practice and patience.

Menzerna is some Germany's finest car care products that have made a name for themselves by producing long lasting products that have brilliant results. The Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket (FMJ) should last about six months but conditions can make that vary. Conditions such as: garaged, rain, snow, amount driven, preperation of paint before application make it hard to compare durability. However assuming you take good care of the car and the surface is well prepared it should last six months. I think you'll be very happy with FMJ and it's durability. If you try both products I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on the two products.

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I have a friend with some FMJ and FTG that I plan on trying. I'll let you know what I think (but it might take a few weeks before I get the time to put them on).
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