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Originally Posted by BayerischeMW
thanks Greg,

but my main concern is getting wax/polish etc. stuck in the area between the trunk and the trunk spoiler, and not being able to get it out. see the illustration picture below (borrowed from bimmerblvd's "ACS Style 3 Piece Trunk Lid Spoiler *PAINTED*" thread - hope you don't mind!)
Am I overlooking the obvious? Wouldn't you just pop the trunk release to clean up any wax/polish between there? It also sounds like you are using way too much product if you are seeing gobs of polish and wax getting stuck. When we apply a sealant we use less than 1oz of product on a whole car, less is more when detailing! I know buffing pads can cake up at times and when they do we use a fine brush and some quick detailer spray to work the crevices and between trim. But if you take your time, tape off certain areas, you should be able to minimize any product getting stuck in places they should not be. I'd be happy to send you out a small detailing brush for $1 (just to cover our costs of shipping) or if you place an order with us, let us know and i'll throw one in. I'm sorry if I am not getting your question completely, the internet does have its downsides in communication.



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