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Originally Posted by BayerischeMW
thanks George, you have good points there, and it might be me who is over-thinking this, but it's the lining where the spoiler meets the trunk i am thinking of. and such areas as where the sideskirts meets the rest of the body (places i can't access without removing parts of the bodywork). but i get your point about less is more, and i'll try to use just enough polish/wax to ensure it doesn't go into places i can't access.

i will surely place an order on your site, hopefully soon

always fast and great replies as always!
No I know exactly what you mean now! I have been out of town the last couple days and missed the bottom of page 7 pic of the white BMW you posted. Greg's was handling the responses since then. That's why I didn't get when you asked about getting wax in that area of the black BMW trunk LOL. Sorry about that. I hope I didn't come off rude! If so I apologize. I re-read Gregs response and he is right about doing those area's by hand and once again, use a minimal amount of product.

What I do when I am detailing is spread the product around, initially when you put the biggest glob on your paint, put it in an area that has no creases or trim to get it on and spread from the middle of the blob out to the other areas of your 2' x 2' area or so. (I hope that made sense!) For example the hood. I would start somewhat in the middle where there are no creases between the hood and fenders and work my way out to the edges so you have minimal product on the pad and paint in those area's that can get lodged in there.

Hope that clears some things up a tad.

~ George

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