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I have not used this product but it appears to be a quick detailer. Quick detailers are basically mixtures of soap and water that elminate the need for hoses and buckets. They can be very handy for touch ups and quick wipe downs. However I don't like to use them to clean an entire car. I think traditional soap in a bucket does a much better job of safely lifting the contamination up from the paint and letting it glide down the car instead of wiping it across the paint. This product seems to be promising a lot, to quote the webiste directly "It cleans waxes and protects all in one "quic" step". I'm not familiar with any product that can lift up and remove contamination and at the same time seal in protection in the paint without sealing in the contamination. I'm especially concerned if it's able to get rid of "tar" and it's also waxing my car. How can a product have such a strong cleaning solution but also give such strong polishing and waxing characterisitcs. I've always taken the time to remove all the contaminates from the car and then apply a wax to a clean surface. Again I haven't used this product but it seems way to good to be true. The website offered no breakdown of the products materials or other relevant information to explain how it waxes and washes in one step so I'd have to learn a lot more about the product before I would try it. If you try it please let us know what you think, I would be interested in learning more about the product.

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