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Originally Posted by JewManji
I live off the 56 Carmel creak road the 56 is sick I went 150 on there it is fun never see any here but I always see a black ci whit angel eyes in Encinitas (the street right after homedepo at around 7am every morning are you on here
lol better watch out i live off of there and i always see bike cops, spanked a gt3 on there. Is that your buddies WRX in your sig? Tell him i saw him yesterday in my grey iS300 ontop of carmel country rd, he was on carmel mtn rd i believe

Originally Posted by dut
Carmel Creek Road? Is that the spot with those estates? Thats where I would live if I won the lotto, of course buy an empty lot next to the house for a 20 car garage or so. Hahaha.
lol i dunno if theres estates there, i live 1 exit east of there, i believe the estates are farther east, like 3.5 million or sumthin lol
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