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Originally Posted by andyofyork
Haha, I totally do that whenever I am forced to park next to another car, and I thought I was the only one, my car is actually parked like that right now while I'm at work. Otherwise, I try to park on the end spots wayyyyyy far out. The first and last time I parked next to a SUV I came back from dinner, and truck was gone, and there was a nice dent in the rear passenger door, estimate was $550 to fix it I do everything you guys are describing...also I also scold people (in a friendly way) whenever they slam the doors, which happens to everyone who has never riden in my car before...I guess the doors in our cars are easier to close then most other cars - has anyone else experienced this problem or am I the only one who is that protective Great thread by the way
Thanks Andy.

Yeah, that reminds me, I have 3 mysterious dents that are side by side on my rear quarter panel. I think they're from a shopping cart, but I'm too cheap to get some dent repair guy to come fix it.

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