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Wow it's amazing how much I can relate to you guys. I'm pretty much the EXACT same to pretty much everything that's been said in this thread. I'd like to add that I give whoever's in my car (not my girl, i've got her trained after a TON of *****ing to her) when they open and close my doors. First off it can't be too hard or else i'll be severly pissed and I will always warn them to never EVER even think about touching the glass when opening or especially when closing. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing somebody closing my door with their hand on the glass (I have a coupe).

In addition, I'll add this wonderful story. There is a fine balance when parking... you wanna park far enough so that people stay away from you and nobody parks near you but not TOO far so that your car is left all alone in an empty parking lot attracting a ton of attention (cuz of course e46's are pure sex). So anyways this one time I'm out for a movie, it's the last show of the night but theatre was still busy when I got there. Well I parked way too far away that when I got out of the theatre, the parking lot was practically empty and waaaaaaaaay off in the distance was my car. To my horror, I noticed there was a group of guys surrounding my car, they were looking inside and looking over my car from every angle. I quickly hit the unlock button on my remote... but DAMNIT the range on these damn remotes suck. Good thing I remembered by trusty e46fanatic remote-to-chin technique. Sure enough it worked, it unlocked the car and at that very moment, they all BOLTED in different directions. It was fricken hilarious, my buddy and I quickly got into the car and drove the hell outta there.
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