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Originally Posted by kpeng
DAMN! I HATE that. This one time, I parked far out there in the middle of the nowhere with no one around me. When I came back out of the store, there was a giant GMC truck parked RIGHT next to me. Of all the spots he could of parked in. To make it worse, his car was parked about 5 inches from my car, and he left me a nice sized ding too. So I keyed his car I know, it was a douchebag move, but the guy really really deserved it.

Ok, I can top that one....

I'm in a restaurant one day, and like it's been said here before, seated at a window where I could watch my car. It's a big-a$$ parking lot with a hundred spots people can park far away from mine.

So I wolfing down an egg-roll and what do I see... the biggest damned SUV trying to back into a spot right next to mine! I'm not an aggressive person, and I've never before actually threatened somone - but I lost it - ran out of the restaurant to rip this guy a new opening to purge himself thru.

When I walk up to this turd, it turns out to be a 60 year old woman teaching her GRANDAUGHTER how to park a car before her big driving test. What could I say??

I drove my car to the other side of the lot and 'borrowed' two grocery carts from the neighbouring grocery store. I took them over to the pre-tested teen and told her and her grandmother to practice parking between the carts as opposed to putting someone's pride-and-joy in harms way.

Human nature never ceases to amaze.

P.S. I went back to the resaurant - paid my bill and left without finishing. Had kinda lost my appatite by that time.
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