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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI
If I were you, I would go with Jlevis enhanced version 2 phosphorus halos... I have em on my car and they are definately a lot brighter and more intense then the "newer" ones (which do look great.. don't get me wrong)...

I prefer the phos ones because they give the rings more of a glow (i.e its not as crisp and a little more blury but gives more light)...

For photos just search my username and you'll find some posts with them....

That being said, the new ones that are out do look great, they just look a little bit too "tame" for me (ie very stock looking)
I disagree. Definitely to each his own though. I had the Enhanced V2's on mine for about a year before they had the arching problem. I definitely loved them. However, I didn't like the eyeball effect, which I noticed before I knew the name of it. As far as brightness goes, I think that is a pretty close race. The enhanced have thicker shrouds, but for me at least the light rings didn't fit very well, and that resulted in inconsistent thickness and brightness from certain angles. I am definitely happier with my Chromiums.

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