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Originally Posted by kpeng
Ah, I believe I will call the "The Threatening"

So we have The Stare, The Walkaround, and The Threatening.

We are armed and dangerous *****es. Don't **** with the bimmys.

YES !!!!I am not crazy after all!!! My friends tell me I am stupid for being so paranoid, doing the walkround etc...........but good to know I am not the only so called "stupid" person around

Since we're on atories,Someone once sat his 5 year old ON the front my car to pose for a picture, and when I politely asked him to move, he gave me the dirtiest look, as if to say who the F*** r u, and ignored my polite request. This guy was pretty huge meathead type guy, maybe a doorman or something so prob thought he could bully me into backing down .I am not normally an "angry" person, but i retrieved a martial arts type stick(tonfa) from under my seat, held it up to him and said a few works of my own, and wasnt so polite this time. He got the hint this time and walked away .............
Not the best thing to do I know but I was so mad.
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