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Lightbulb Hell on our trip to Santa Cruz (via Hwy.1) we stayed at various hotels.

Originally Posted by kpeng
How protective are you of your car in parking lots? I know I'm a nutcase when it comes to keeping the car out of harm's way. My ex, family, friends, all think I'm nuts. Just wondering if any of you guys do the same thing.

-When I park in a lot with shopping carts everywhere (Walmart Supercenter is the worst), I move every single cart near my car out of the way.

-When I park in a lot, I always aim for an end spot and edge to the curb as much as possible.

-In my driveway, I park as close to the garage door as possible, so when people walk by, they don't scratch the car.

-After eating at a restaurant with my friends, I make them wash their hands before entering the car.

-I try to avoid parking lots where there are no stoppers in the spaces. I've seen these huge trucks that park way past the line and hit the car in front of them. It's retarded.

-When I go into a restaurant or something, I always try to get a seat near the window, so I can keep an eye out on the car.

-If I'm sitting in the car, and the people next to me open their door, I give 'em the stare so they'll be cautious about it.

Anymore you guys would care to add to the list?

My wife about blew it when I moved car numerous times because a better spot came up at hotel !! I even turned off sprinkler head(in case it came on) next to end spot because of hard water spots.My wife couldn't believe I carried a small screw driver in car. It's tough being anal. But betwen rock trucks and Escalades parking next to me ,I was burned out after 4 day trip!!!!!!!
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