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Originally Posted by kpeng
...he left me a nice sized ding too. So I keyed his car...
If you want to piss someone off without doing anything permanent, let the air out of two of their tires (then they can't just slap on a spare, they have to wait for someone with a pump - and that can take hours). Often this minor deed can be done quickly and easily by wedging a small stick in the valve stem. Then you don't need to be sitting there kneeling by their car for 10 minutes.

As for me, I am pretty anal about my car. I almost always park on an end spot and crowd the curb (have to be careful not to curb your own rims - I saw some modded Honda Civic DX do that once. I thought the owner was going to cry.). It is also nice to park next to another nice car - personally I don't mind it when a nice BMW or Porsche is parked next to me. Unmodded Mercedes I'm a bit leery of - too many bored trophy wives with them and I don't know that they really care about their car.
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