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At least these are made of Ti... go look for a set of Strassentech Paddles... 500+.. made of CNC machined aluminum...

Originally Posted by ADA
I apologized for the following comments. Understand that I am not attacking you (the reseller). I am making a statement against the producers and their "business practice."

I understand that titanium is ultra light weight and is relatively expensive. Additionally, the metal requires special tools for welding. However, $400 for a pair of paddles is just crazy.

This item is a PERFECT example how manufacturers mark up items and charge insane prices because it is a "BMW" item. Just because we own a bimmer it doesn't mean the producer should charge luxury prices for simple items such as these paddles.

I am 99.9% confident that the cost of producing these paddle shift is around $150 tops.

Anyhow, FREE BUMP for anyone that wants to buy it. Quality looks good and there is always an advantage over having a larger paddle-shifter.
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