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My parking OCD revealed

Always up against a barrier (so no one can pull in or back in in front of you).

Always on an end (preferably where my drivers door would come in contact with another car's passenger because of the discussed single-driver-no-passenger-ratio theory).

Never ever under a tree.

Preferably ON the line at a handicap space (because they have so much friggin room that there's no WAY they could ding ya - even with 1978 Lincoln Mark III Coupe doors), and it gives your car almost four feet of room next to ya.

Well out of the line of fire from things like shopping carts.

And if I can't find the right combination, then I just keep going further out or further up until I get what I want.

Two years, no door dings or scratches yet.

But I do allow people to eat and drink in my car if they're not total slobs. And my wife is having a baby sometime in the not-too-distant future, which means eating, drinking, peeing and pooping going on in the backseat. Spitting up too.

Kping you'd FREAK, eh?

But I'll still maintain the parking regimen.
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