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Originally Posted by russ330
^Upgraded springs can cause the shocks to wear out quicker. There are some manufacturer such as UUC Motorwerks that created their lowering springs with the stock shocks in mind, and they shocks should not wear any faster.

A cupkit is a set of matched springs and shocks (do a search for H&R Cupkit and Eibach Prokit). A coilover set is the same in that the springs and shocks are matched, but coilovers also provide height adjustably and can also offer dampening adjustment.

Are they expensive? Well compared to some $250 lowering springs, yes.

If you want more info, just do a search on the forum for some of the terms used in this thread.

Great explanation Russ.

Originally Posted by get_bmw_b4_die
thanks a lot man! that was really helped. i will make a search and learn it.

btw u think 19''s so much better than the 18''s?

are they not too big for non-m e46?

19's look great on any E46, it's a choice really, if your local roads aren't that great, I'd go with the 18's.
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