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Yesterday I was goin ta get donuts from the A & P n i live in like a neighborhood with some of the most beautiful houses you will ever see. So on my way out we see this sick car comin out of the driveway so i slow down and pull to the side ta watch it pass. guy pulls up next to us (it's the new Ford GT by the way ) and is just like, " know u wanted ta check out the ride" with his little foo foo dog barkin at us and then floors it n blows off (guy also's got a murcielago he's cruisin in all the time). so then on the way back we're behind a CL500 (no biggy). And it turns into our neighborhood, but right infront of it turned in a Testarosa . It ended up pullin in the house 2 houses down from us. The guy's got insane cars. A ferrari f50 , viper gts-r n a hole bunch o' other sick cars. Jason Kidd lives around the corner too n he's got some nasty cars. The Aston Martin Vanquish n alot of other toys. I mean there's just a hole plethora of bentleys, ferraris, rolls, benzes n bimmers. I mean, bimmers are the cheap cars in the neighborhood. I guess im sounding like a spoiled bragging dick right now, which i really dont want to, i try to never really talk about money (we are prolly the least wealthy in the neighborhood). But it's just sick to be able to drive in a circle around ur neighborhood and it seems like being at a car show. Just amazing cars.
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