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Originally Posted by Ecko-46
thanks for the great write up LAFENGAS I Just did mine last week and it was an all day evolution. well worth the hard work.

if i may add, for those who prefer to have the rear windows removed to gain better access to the upper two screws of the trim, you can simply snap off the interior panel (seatbelt) which will expose the two 10mm nut that holds the windows. i had to remove mine cuz i didn't want to scratch my tint from the screw driver and plus it gave me a better work space when removing/replacing the seal and the bottom trim. here's the pix....

oh and the second nut is located at the bottom, sorry forgot to put the arrow...
what you may want to do actually (maybe this is what you did, but i couldn't comprehend it)

Pull the back side panel (where your armrests are) out at the bottom of the B-Pillar (where your seatbelt goes into.) It's only a couple of snaps...just give it a good yank to pull the panel away. Pulling this rear panel out a few inches allows you to access 2 push rivits at the bottom of the B-Pillar (previously hidden by the rear side panel). Pulling the 2 push rivits at the bottom of the B-Pillar allow you to simply slide the pillar out of the way, since the top of the B-Pillar has slots that slide into the metal clips fastened to the backside of the head liner.

You just slide the B-pillar down to unlatch it and this way you don't have to worry about breaking anything.
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