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Originally Posted by briansilver323i
I know this isn't even for my neck of the country, but I had to add this too. The other day I was in Hackensack New Jersey (not a great little city) and I see this sick off-white RR phantom wit prolly like 22s on it. in a parking lot so im checkin it out starin it down. then i see this guy in like gym clothes meat head lookin guy hop into it n drive it away. Just pissed me off so much, like what douche bag drives his own phantom. If you can spend half a mil on a car u can afford the chauffeur. I duno, just thought I'd add that in.
OK on your first post you didnt sound like a spoiled rich dick but you ruined that with this last post, DO you really think if I spent 500k on a car I would Hire someone to drive it? Hell no I would drive it myself from what you said the guy is just a regular guy not the freakin sultan of Arabia wtf does he need a chauffeur for?

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i like heavy women. what's your name girl?
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