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Originally Posted by UberBimmer
OK on your first post you didnt sound like a spoiled rich dick but you ruined that with this last post, DO you really think if I spent 500k on a car I would Hire someone to drive it? Hell no I would drive it myself from what you said the guy is just a regular guy not the freakin sultan of Arabia wtf does he need a chauffeur for?

now where's that bullshit smiley....

and.. btw dude.. we really DONT CARE how rich u r.. or what rich neighborhood u live in...

one because you dont even LIVE in mid-atlantic...

and two... we dont like "ppl like you" aka rich dicks who like to brag about sh!t.. but drives a 323i not that there's anything wrong with one... but coming from someone who calls someone who's driving a phantom a doushebag... ur either a hater... or i call

and three... we simply... just dont care!!!!

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