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Originally Posted by UberBimmer
You are out of your mind If I had a rolls I would drive it end of story

why? it's not like a phantom's fast or handles nicely. It's got alot of power, but that's mostly torque. I guess it might have a nice top speed, but I doubt the accelerations nice with how much it weighs,and especialy not for a car u're paying 500,000 for. And you'd honestly drive and let your friends chill in the back with the reclining seats, foot rests, limo window shades and whatever other pimp **** is back there? The thing is, if you're spending half a mil on a car and you want to drive it and dont want to be driven, you simply don't buy a phantom. You get a ferrari, aston martin, bentley, lamborghin, etc. Im sure there are rolls that you can buy to drive, i seen some convertible RRs that look like they should be driven, but the Phantom is not one of them. It's just common sense, and I figured everyone out there would have enough to know this. But ofcourse, there always are a couple dumbasses out there like you.
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