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My Ride: 2004 330Ci SMG
Well I guess I am the one with SMG who had all the clutch problems...

I'll give you my feedback on what I had to do to make it work.

At first, when I was chosing between SKI and SKII I was hesitating on how much power the SMG tranny can hold, so in the end I went with SKI to be sure.
After the install I could really feel the difference in car's performance, but i noticed a serious problem in gear changes. The clutch was slipping bad. So bad that it took all the fun from driving a S/Ced car.
I was speculating on what the problem could be and it took me awhile to undestand what had to be done.
I've also searched this forum for someone who installed S/C on 330 with SMG but didnt find answers. At first I thought that the control unit of my SMG was programmed for stock engine torqe. Thats why it didn't realesed the clutch and allowed for clutch slip. I asked many dealers and tuning companies in Moscow if they can reprogramm the SMG unit. they all said "NO"
I was desperate and was ready to remove the supercharger...
Later after another extensive search I learned that all 330Ci original clutch has a new "SAC" (Self Adjusting Clutch) design. That was probably the cause of my problems (you can learn more about it at
I've decided that uprgrading the clutch was my best bet. Unfortunatly for me (I live in Russia) we dont have any tuning companies who offer clutch upgrades for e46 so I had to oder it from uucmotorwerks. (I went with Lightweight flywheel and clutch combo with organic clutch)
After the install the problem was gone!!! but another problem emerged...
the car was very jerky everytime i started felt like the clutch was released to soon, so I had to throttle up to compensate. As a result the car was jumpy and traffic was a nightmare. Again I was dissapointed
This forum helped me in solving this problem . I went to a dealer and asked them to update the SMG control unit software and also to reset the control unit so it goes into learning mode (actually they do this everytime you change the clutch). After that I felt like the car was trying to adapt to a new clutch. It took 2 days for it to adapt...Now I can definitely say that the car is amazing. It has the performance of a S/Ced car and is a daily driver.

bottomline: heres what you need to do
upgrade the clutch --> update SMG cotrol unit --> let the car adapt to a new clutch

hope it helps. Good luck!
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