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Do the non-M 3 series cars have the M5's "virtual dry sump?"

The 330 has a semi-dry oil sump

Perhaps the DSC isn't completely disengaged in the M5 because they tell the "virtual dry sump" motors to activate?

I'm not sure if the DSC relays any information to the DME in regards to sump activation...the DME uses g sensors to control the sump

Also, which fuse would I have to pull in a 330ci? Are their any ramifications to this? I'm going autocrossing again tomorrow and I'll mess with it if you don't think it'll leave me stranded 90 minutes from home.....

I don't want to recommend anything that I have not personally fiddled with. I'm not exactly sure which fuse it is, but you can find it on the fuse box cover. In theory it should not hurt anything (you're merely disengaging a fuse) so I wouldn't worry about being stranded, but this is how a few people have gotten around the DSC.
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