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Originally Posted by samlb
how the hell are some of you 19-22 year olds making $60k+??? what do you sell drugs or something?
A.) Most of them are lying. I know better than to think that somebody who can hardly form a coherent sentence and lacks a high school diploma (let alone undergraduate qualifications or even an AA) is somehow making twice what the average American family does each year.

B.) Almost all of those who aren't lying are in dead-end niche jobs, usually in the tech and/or sales fields. There's nowhere to go from there but low level management, which usually results in a sizable paycut followed by years (sometimes decades) spent working their way back up to their former income.

I had a friend who, at 19, was usually making over $50k per year selling cars. At that point, I was making maybe $6-7k, 80% of it during the summer working menial jobs at golf courses and such. Fast forward a couple years...he's still making $50-60k per year (waiting, he says, to go into real estate) and probably will make that (or the equivalent, compensating for inflation) for the next decade. At that point, I'll probably have made at least five times what he has during the same period, including the head start he got out of high school.

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