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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4
Can you list the steps you did to the black car in your first post, and any other steps you'd recommend for mine? I can take pictures if you like. Thanks so much, and I'll be sure to get everything I need for the job on your site!
This car was definately a project! I will try to recall all of the steps we used on it. I know we did three coats of polish on it all of them using a rotary buffer:

Wash / Dry
SSR 2.5 with Lake Country Cutting Pad
SSR 2.5 with Lake Country Polishing Pad
SSR 1 with Lake Country Polishing Pad
Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze on PC with LC Polishing Pad
Menzerna Full Mollecular Jacket (FMJ) on PC with LC Finishing Pad
P21s Concours Carnauba by hand

That's what we used on the paint, it was definately a night and day difference. Feel free to contact me with any further questions about the detail or what you should do for your vehicle. If your paint is that bad you definately want to use a buffer to generate as much heat as you can.


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