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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4
Thanks man!

I think I'm going to pick up a Porter Cable buffer from you guys, and then do:
1-PB 2.5
1-PB 1
1-Menzerna Final Glaze
1-Menzerna FMJ
1-P21S Carnuba

Can you recommend what pads I need for each step and how to take the product off? I've never really done a big detailing job like this before. Thanks again!
Excellent selection of products those are some of my personal favorites. For the pads I would recommend you get our basic Porter Cable for 129.99 and then get our pad bundle for 69.99. This gets you:
- 1 Orange Lake Country Cutting Pad - for SSR 2.5
- 2 White Lake Country Polishing Pad - for SSR 1.0 and Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze
- 1 Black Lake Country Finishing Pad - for Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket
- 4 Microfiber Towels
- 2 Snappy Clean Pad Cleaners
- 1 Velcro Backing Plate (screws in to make changing pads very easy)
- 1 Spur Brush

The P21S Carnauba Wax comes with an applicator pad that should be done by hand.

To remove the products I like to use the microfiber towels, they are soft and won't risk scratching the paint. They also pick up the products better than other towels that normally just push the excess product around. We have supplied you with four microfiber towels in the pad bundle. I don't use a towel to remove multiple different products, for example if I use a towel to remove the SSR 2.5 then i don't use it again to help remove the FMJ. Here is about how many towels you will need. You may need more or less towels it depends on how much product you apply and how careful you are.
2x coats of polish = about 5 towels
FTG = 1 towel
FMJ = 1 towel
P21S Carnauba Wax = 1 towel
With that being said I would recommend you get atleast a5 pack of microfiber towels. These towels are extra plush and very durable (good for 300 washes).

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