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Originally Posted by Jerz325Ci
Another pinoy here.. from caloocan! but now living in New Jersey since '96. There's a lot of filipinos here in jerz driving around with their bimmers and ofcourse they are the nurses and doctors as usual. so WHO IS NOT IN MEDICAL FIELD HERE? COUNT ME AS 1. LOL...
Where in Jersey are you?

I just got back from vacation It was great to be with old friends and family. I had a blast If there's anything to do in the Philippines is eat. The food is the shiet! I loved Teriyaki Boy and Gerry's Grill. Red Ribbon cakes are like nothing I can get here stateside. Ate at Max's, Shakeys, Chow King and Jollibee. I even took home some Champ burgers from Jollibee. Went to Greenhills and scored a new cell phone. Went to Quiapo and bought a boat load of DVDs I was able to borrow a car and drove around while I was there. What a rush! Traffic was bad but not as bad as I had in mind. Anarchy was the rule. Only place where you can drive aggresively and be "normal". I said it once and I'll say it again, Flip drivers rule Makes driving in Manhattan look like kids play Too bad I wasn't able to meet up with local Fanatics but maybe next time. I'm already planning my next vacation in 2 years.
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