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Originally Posted by Gregs
Commonly white specs on the front are chips. Are your white specs possibly chips or are they something on the surface of the bumper. If they are chips then you could touch it up but more than likely to have it done right you'll need it to be repainted. If they are white specs on the paint try to describe them in more detail and I'll give you a recommendation. More than likely if they are on the surface then you'll need some clay and polish. Let me know what you think and I'll get into more detail with my explanation of how to remove it if need be.

Detailed Image - Owner
There are definitely some chips in there, but most of it seems like white specs of paint kicked up off the road or something. There's tons of itty bitty specs even on the front part of the front fenders, and there's so many, and they're so small that I think it's paint or something

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