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My Ride: is making me broke
bluecougar - There's a pic of me floating around here somewhere, look for the geek with the camera
AssassinGT - Thanks Andrew - I know you're picky, so I'm glad you like
NickACS - Great seeing you again Nick - I really loved what you did with your rims, really set it off! Congratz on your win too
Yellowmann - I tried to take a lot of pics but became so frustrated and gave up - the pics that came out nice were the ones I used a self timer on - I could have used your help - better come out to the next one! BTW, she looks like she lost some weight
JimBOT - Thanks bro - it seems like a lot of people don't know about audison or focal, I still have to tune my system cause it still sounds like crap
racingdynamics2 - Thanks Krishna! Congratz on your wins too! I'm not sure if I'm going to BFE tho - I'd love to go just to hang out with everyone
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