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My Ride: 2001 325ci

I actually had this hesitation problem last week. I have a 2001 325ci with Steptronic. I was at a stop light which is on about a 8% incline waiting to turn right. I floored it trying to beat traffic with DSC OFF and the car sputtered, it was like puh puh puh puh . . . . varooom. Almost like the fuel supply was being cut off or the tranny slipped. I hit kick down and it still sputtered and picked up speed very very slowly. I've also had this sort of problem on the highway which was very dangerous around the Washington DC area. I was trying to pass a car in front of me and a truck was in the left lane about 20 car lengths away. When I switched lanes and floored it, the car went no where and the truck almost ran me over. I have a 9 month old kid in the back so it wasnt funny at all. I'm starting to wonder if my transmission is bad or the software is acting funny. I'm fearful that the dealer will say well we test drove it and its fine like they always do and I'll have to wait till Im in an accident to prove it.
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