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Originally Posted by gbn
I have a '02 325i with sport package. I have Axxis Metal Master pads and need new rotors. I can't afford a big brake kit but would like to have a little more stopping power. The OEM rotors were ok. I've done a little research into slotted, cross drilled (staying away from them), frozen and combinations.
What do you plan to do with this car? Do you autocross it? Take it to high speed driving events? Or is this just a daily driver? How important is brake dust?

What did you not like about the stock brakes and Metal Master pads? Did you ever fade them? What does "stoppping power" mean to you? What kind of tires (make & model) do you have?
Anybody have any "real" test data with stopping distances? If not do the frozen rotors really last 2 to 3 times as long?
The claims made by companies that cryo-temper rotors are completely false. They do not last 3 times longer, nor do they operate at lower temperatures. What you will never see from this industry is a double-blind test that uses the scientific method to demonstrate the benefits of frozen rotors. Instead, you'll hear wild claims from race drivers who are getting their rotors free and will say anything to keep the free stuff coming. If you have some money to blow, you could always purchase a complete set of rotors, have one front and one rear rotor cryo-tempered and have someone install them, but not tell you which was which. Have them seal this information in an envelope. If you go to the track or autocross, you could use a pyrometer to see if one side or the other was consistantly cooler than the other. And after a few thousand miles, you could use a micrometer to see if one side was wearing two or three times faster than the other. Finally, you could open the envelope to see if the results corresponded to the vendors' claims. I'm willing to bet they won't.
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