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Originally Posted by Asmodeus
Race Pads stop the car faster than street pad simply because the pad compound has a higher coeficient of friction.

Higher friction = stop 'faster' = shorter lifetime
Race pads do not stop the car faster due to higher friction. They allow the race driver to consistantly take advantage of the tire's capability without having to worry about pad fade. A street pad will stop a car in the same distance as a track pad up until the point at which the street pad exceeds its maximum operating temperature. From that point on, the race pad will work better. Most street pads have an MOT in the range of 800 degrees F. In contrast, the Performance Friction 01 race pads have an MOT of 2,000 degrees F.

In a side-by-side comparison of single-stop distance from 60 to 0 mph, there will be no difference between race pads and street pads. The higher Cf race pads will require less pedal pressure from the driver to reach the point of threshold braking or ABS intervention. But the stopping distance will be the same. You are tire limited in a cold stop. Running race pads in the street will not result in a shorter stopping distance in a panic stop.
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