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Originally Posted by Mr Paddle.Shift
So for HT-10, I could technically change it the day before the event. Drive up to the event. Finish the event. Drive home and change back to HP Plus?
In fact, you want to do exactly that. When cold, the HT10 pads will completely polish away the old transfer layer from your street pads. When you reach the track, bed them in and then have at it! After the event is over, leave the HT10 pads installed for your drive home. By the time you get home, the HT10 pads will have polished away their own transfer layer, leaving you nice clean rotors upon which to re-bed your street pads.

This technique eliminates the judder problems that are common when track pads are bedded directly on top of the street pad transfer layer. I've even written an article about this:
Dave Zeckhausen
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