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you probably didn't bleed it correctly. make sure your key is in position 2, with the fan on low and the temp on 91. also, make sure you remove the bleed screw right next to the expansion tank and add coolant until it spills out of the bleed hole without bubbles. when you've completely filled your system, you should have used up a whole bottle of bmw coolant plus an equal amount of distill water. if you haven't added that much, then you probably do not have enough coolant and that is why it is overheating. also, take your car for a spin a couple of times around the block. the first time i refilled my coolant i had the same problems as you: heater not blowing hot air and engine overheating. after i started driving, everything went back to normal. i think the reason i had this problem the first time was because i did not turn on the heater fan, like i mentioned above, while i was pouring in the coolant.
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