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Originally Posted by gbn
I autocross, but it's also a daily driver. Brake dust is not too important to me, ...{stuff deleted}...

For next time what pads would you recommend for a daily driver that you autocross?
That's pretty easy. The Axxis Ultimate will give you better cold bite and much greater resistance to fade, as well as excellent pedal feel. More dust than D+ and XBG (formerly Metal Master) but less dust than stock. Be sure to bed them in properly per:

If they didn't make so much darned noise and produce so much dust, I would suggest the Hawk HP Plus. They really do have excellent bite. But I don't consider them livable for daily driving in a car that might end up in valet parking outside a fancy restaurant or in front of the country club, dropping off folks to a black tie ball.
Dave Zeckhausen
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