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Originally Posted by tuckersmg
Has anyone tried the Ferroda 2500's? I just did my first track event at Watkins Glen and the only issue I had was brake fade with the stock pads.
While the Ferodo DS2500 pad would be an improvement over the stock pads, they would probably not be ideal. I would expect them to be consumed relatively rapidly in the front calipers of an E46 M3.

If you want a pad that is going to last a very long time, you might try the Performance Friction 97 (PFC97). Most people eventually end up with the PFC01 pads because they love the more aggressive bite and absolute consistency, even at the advanced levels with R-compound tires. But if you're just starting out, the PFC97 may be a better choice, since it's easier for a novice to modulate. And it's certainly more economical, given its long life.

PFC97 is also a good rain pad for those who normally use PFC01 in front. The drop in Cf helps the rear brakes do a greater percentage of the (reduced) total work on a slippery track.

All of these pads are race-only and should be swapped with street pads for normal (non-track) driving. Follow these guidelines when swapping to avoid judder problems:
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