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Alright guys, I got some pictures uploaded.

So here's the story with the foundation:

We bought a very expensive laser level and have a lot of tools for surveying from various landscaping projects. So we mapped out the exact location and size of the foundation, and my dad has read up on all the requirements. But like I said earlier, he decided to contract a company to the foundation for him.

Turns out... if you want something done right.. DO IT YOURSELF!

Here is a crude drawing I did of the slope of our land where the garage is being built.

There is about 4' elevation change, so the foundation obviously needs to be dug more on the right side of this drawing. Plus, the elevation needed to be dug below the frost line.

Well the idiot who dug the foundation had no idea what he was doing, and did the exact OPPOSITE: He dug about 6' down on the right side, and only about 2' on the left side. He basically reversed what he was supposed to do. So one side is way too deep, and the other side is hardly below the frost line. Anyways, they fixed the problem, but now they have to use way more concrete than they originally planned. Luckily, we won't be paying for that!

It always seems that when you are nervous about doing a job right, you hire a professional, and find that they do a half ass job, and realize you can do the project by yourself with better quality. Also, building the garage ourselves is saving us more than 50% of what it would originally cost if we had someone else build it for us.

OK enough text, here are some photos of the foundation:

- Justin

DIY Garage Build (Updated November 18, 2009):

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