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In the photo below, my father has dug a trench for power cables. This would've taken a full weekend, but with a backhoe, it only takes a couple of hours!

In this photo, the concrete has been sealed to protect it from oil, water, and the elements during the build. Later on, we will be doing an expoy floor coating, much like the speckled floor you see in a professional garage.

I forgot to mention and post a pic earlier, but the guys who did the concrete also buffed and swirled the concrete to give it a very smooth finish. The finish is somewhat similar to what you'd find in a warehouse like Lowe's or Costco.

As you can see from these photos, one of the great things about this garage plan is that there are no support posts in the middle of the workspace. Even if we were to do an apartment on the second level, the plan's use of large joists and seperate bay doors would still allow us to keep the workspace free of support posts. If you put just one car in there, you could easily turn it sideways or whichever way you want. This extra space will allow us to work on every car in the garage at the same time if we wanted to!
- Justin

DIY Garage Build (Updated November 18, 2009):

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