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There are two things about this garage that I am most excited about -

1. The lift

2. Central air compressor system

It seems that every time I work on a car, I end up using my hand tools because they are just easier to get a hold of. The air compressor tools really make everything go a lot faster/easier, but it's always a pain to pull out the little 5 gallon air compressor, plug it in, have it charge up, adjust the pressure, and then hook up my tools. Then when working on my car, I'm jolted every 15 minutes the compressor kicks on again.

I think we're going with a screw type air compressor, like the ones Ingersoll Rand sells, because they are a lot quieter, and a lot more efficient. More importantly, because they run cooler, you can run them non-stop, 24/7/365 at full load without them wearing out! This way, we will always have reliable, constant compressed air always on tap:

- Justin

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