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DIY: UUC Pulley Install Enjoy!!

I decided to write up my UUC pulley install. I have an auto tranny
which requires the clutch fan removed to be able access one of the
pullies. I felt this should be documented for those installing
pullies on an auto tranny car (Damn you manual tranny owners)
Note: My car is a 2000 323i and I dont know if there are any
changes/differences in the later models.

Tools Needed:

FlatHead Screwdriver
5 mm Hex socket
10 mm Open Ended wrench
13 mm socket
32 mm Open Ended Wrench
16 mm socket (Recommended) or T-50 socket
T-25 or T-20 Bit (Sorry I forgot which size it was)
Homemade BMW Special Tool

Step 1:

Pop the hood and locate the clutch fan/shroud. Find the 2 electrical
connectors and unplug them. Now on Your right side there is one small
expanding rivet that needs to be released. On your left side this is
where you need your T-25 or T-20 Bit to remove the one screw.

Step 2:

You cannot just remove the fan shroud you have to remove both the
shroud and the fan at the same time. In order to do this you need
to lift the shroud up as far as it can go to expose the 3 - 5 mm Hex
bolts holding the plastic fan on. There is barely any room so just
be patient. Once those 3 bolts are removed you can lift both the fan
and shroud out. Just a note when reinstalling the fan shroud it is a
bit tricky for the shroud locks into a couple of clips below near the
plastic undercarriage peice just remember to be patient.

Step 3:

Now here is the fustrating part. I dont care what the bentley manual
says there is no way this fan bolt was coming off without using the
BMWspecial tool or a homeade tool like I made myself. First off if
your feeling lucky use you 32mm wrench and turn CLOCKWISE TO LOOSEN.
If it comes loose good for you now you dont have to make the special
tool. Basically all the Special tool was a peice of metal that locked
onto two of the 10mm bolts on the pullie. What I did was found some
metal hinges and flattened them. Luckily for me the holes matching
up exactly with the pullie holes, all I had to do was drill them just
a tad larger for my tool that is. Anyways once you have your tool made
you place it on 2 of the 4 10mm pullie bolts. Now you are going to
push down ConterClockwise with your special tool and CLOCKWISE with
your 32mm wrench to loosen/remove that fan nut.

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