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Step 4:

Now its time to loosen the pullie bolts and remove the belts. First
loosen all the pullie bolts the 4 10mm ones and the 3 13mm ones just
loosen them for now DO NOT remove them. Once loosened it's time to
find the tensioner. First you must remove the AC Belt it is smaller.
Both have a plastic cap on each tensioner that can be popped off with
your falthead screwdriver. Now you can see the T-50 socket you must
turn it CLOCKWISE to relieve tension. Now I didnt like using the T-50
bit for it kept popping out and it ended up stripping my bit plus I
didnt feel like loosing a finger, so there is a alternative which I
highly recommend. There is a 16mm Hex shaped part on the both
tensioners (I dont think it's a bolt but just a part of the tensioner).
Use your 16mm socket and you can relieve tension on the belt by turning
CLOCKWISE and remove it in a breeze. Now you dont have to worry about
the Tensioner springing back. Note: take note of which way the belt
is fed through the pullie system.

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