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ya, i'll let you know if i ever head out to a meet. i haven't gone to one ever since... well, that one time i met you and kevin when it was still at tea station. that was the only meet i've ever been to.

and ya, photographing is no prob. we can figure out a time. i'm pretty much here all the time so let me know when it'll be good for you. but one thing, i need to get my exhaust "fixed" up in a way. it's a little lower on the left side so i don't think it's up to picture standards yet. or maybe you can help me take a look at it and see if you can tell what's wrong with it. i had it put on at the MB bodyshop and they don't seem to know why it is the way it is. or if you know someone with a lift, i can take a look at it myself.

or if anything, you can photograph the car and photoshop it a little and level off the exhaust with that. let me know when you wanna do this.

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before yours i had never seen an E46 M in person with everything ACS in the rear. definitely unique & the diffuser + figure8tips looks really good. once again, props on putting it together like that!

i'd love to photograph your car sometime if you're around. i've got a $650 tripod setup and a 10D and will have the new Canon 5D next month so i've been trying to take some pics of different colored cars to add to my collection. let me know if you're interested/free sometime!

i haven't gone to any meets in a long time. i just go to school, work, and straight home. are you going to any of the meets? maybe kev and i will come out to one if we know you'll be there?

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