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Originally Posted by iygnitna
ya, i'll let you know if i ever head out to a meet. i haven't gone to one ever since... well, that one time i met you and kevin when it was still at tea station. that was the only meet i've ever been to.

and ya, photographing is no prob. we can figure out a time. i'm pretty much here all the time so let me know when it'll be good for you. but one thing, i need to get my exhaust "fixed" up in a way. it's a little lower on the left side so i don't think it's up to picture standards yet. or maybe you can help me take a look at it and see if you can tell what's wrong with it. i had it put on at the MB bodyshop and they don't seem to know why it is the way it is. or if you know someone with a lift, i can take a look at it myself.

or if anything, you can photograph the car and photoshop it a little and level off the exhaust with that. let me know when you wanna do this.
seems as though a lot of people have issues properly fitting quad exhaust. it took me 4 trips to 2 different exhaust shops to get mine lined up perfectly. i think kevin's eisenmann is still slightly crooked. *shrugs* haha

back to the spotting thread: spotted 2 guys in black e46 with hyperblack wheels going towards RIMAC/ERC dorms yesterday. i was going opposite direction. i think one of you waved so i waved back.

spotted eBean (i think) leaving campus from Villa la Jolla to LJ Village drive yesterday at ~6. heard him go pretty hard on the throttle down LJ Village. sounded good. i was at the stoplight on LJ Village to turn up to Ralph's.

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