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Originally Posted by BMR2NV
Well i had a turbo setup on my e46 and the tranny would always go into limp mode at around 3,500rpm when it was reaching max power levels. There is a limit on the tranny but i think its more got to do with the brain controlling it. There must be a certain power (torque) level that the computer has been pre set to before putting the trans into limp mode.
As soon as i took the turbo set up off and left it n/a with exhaust and air intake mods there car and tranny ran perfect... i dont think just "BEEFING UP" the tranny is going to help... Something needs to be done to the computer.

im no expert but thats just comming from experience..
I know there's been lots of debate in this forum on auto transmissions and I'm not looking to re-create that. It would be interesting to know though what the torque sensor limits are on the GM and ZF transmissions.
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