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Originally Posted by rana
Ok i just installed mine. Took me about 3 hours because I managed to drop a pulley bolt on the undertray.

Neways, I checked everything after my install and it seems fine. However, when my hood is up, i hear this loud ongoing clicking noise. I cant remeber if it was there before or Im just being paranoid.

Do you have that as well? Or do i need to check something. Also, I forgot to re-install the dustcaps for the tensioners, do you think it would it be ok to leave them off? Ill see if i can get them in tommorow w/o having to take nething out.
No I did not have any ticking noise either the noise was there before or the only thing I can think of is that a pulley might not be fully seated. Just make sure none of them are wobbling. And maybe double check the belts. As for the tensioner caps I dont see a problem with leaving them off but I could be wrong.
Oh yea BTW do you have an auto or manual if auto make sure that fan isnt hitting anything and that it was reinstalled properly It really can only go one way because if you reversed it you would have noticed that the blades would be hitting a parrt of the vanos unit.

Hope that helps any Jared
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