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Take a small strip of masking tape, and tape off a section of the amber bulb near the base. This allows for the amber light to shine through, while still maintaining the new anti-egg yolk look. Once completed, finish taping off the bottom of the bulb to prevent paint from making contact with the connector.

Next take a piece of string approximately a foot long and tape that to the taped off connector. The reason behind this is to allow the bulbs to hang freely when drying once painted.

The next thing to do is clean the bulbs with some rubbing alcohol. After handling them so much from taping, you donít want any oils from your hand on the bulbs.

Once the bulbs have been taped, stringed, and cleaned, itís time to begin painting. Place some newspaper on the ground and place the bulb on top of that. Hold the can approximately 1.5-2.0 feet away from the bulb, and spray very lightly. You only want a thin coating of paint. My first attempt led to disaster. I put too much paint on the bulb, and it started to drip and bubble. I tried cleaning off the paint, but it took half of the amber coating with it. Chances are I will simply buy another bulb (cheap), and try it again. The other bulbs turned out perfect though. Just remember to only spray lightly, and rotate to get an even coating.

After you paint each bulb, hold it upright (bulb at top, connecter at bottom) and let it air dry for roughly 30 seconds. Once youíve done that, it is now safe to hang the bulb on something to finish air-drying.

Let dry for a few hours, and then remove the tape carefully. I would then let them dry a few more hours just to be safe. Then all that is left is reinstalling the finished bulbs.

So instead of paying roughly $40.00 USD to buy a whole set of bulbs (i.e., Polaris), you can spend $5.00 on the paint and do it yourself. Remember, if you mess up you can always buy new ambers cheap, or if all else fails, youíre out $5.00 and go ahead and buy yourself some aftermarket bulbs. Itís well worth the $5.00 investment if it works out for you.
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