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Originally Posted by pei330ci
3000 sounds really high with stock tires.

My best advice for launch is to start at 1500 RPM dumping the clutch, and then try increasing the launch RPM by 200 RPM on each successive launch. At some point you will find a good balance between avioding wheel spin, and avoiding a bog that will show up on your 60 ft.

With a Stock 5 sp manual 330, Do NOT shift into 4th. Bounce it off the rev limiter in's faster.

Powershift! That is, shift with your foot held to the floor on the accelerator. If you are fast enough, the clutch and fuel cut-off won't be an issue.

Personal result with the above: 14.4

Lastly, practice. It took me no less than 18 passes to get my time down to 14.4 with a 2.1 60 ft. I started at 15.3 if it makes you feel better.

Have fun,

Thanks yea i definetly shifted into fourth everytime and i was dumping the clutch too fast the track was full so i only passed about 5 times i do think i need alot more practice.
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