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If you changed your coolant or waterpump/ thermostat you would have air pockets. If your car is not overheating I would not worry about it.

With the car running you crack the bleeder screw just a little till either pressurized air/ steam or coolant comes out. If air comes out keep it cracked till coolant(Liquid) comes out and you are set.

When you change the coolant you open the bleeder screw and fill till coolant comes out then you close the screw.

It is not really a maintenance issue more or a necessity to make the system work properly if you open it up (Drain it)

If your car has been serviced and it overheats immediately (less then approx. 5 minutes at idle) the system has air pockets and needs to be bleed.

This information is accurate from knowledge gained servicing my car, it may not work for you or be the "Correct diagnosis or procedure" but it worked for me
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