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I originally bought front and side clears off ebay the clips on the side clears were cheap plastic and broke when I tried to put the on, replaced them with clears from Pacific BMW. The front corners from ebay eventually warped/melted because they were cheap pieces of crap that didnt have the aluminium reinforcements that OEM lights have. I eventually replaced my front clears and bought rear clears off Bimmian, perfect fit all around. By the way the warping of the cheap ebay clears broke one of my Solaris bulbs which really pissed me off, the bulbs cost more than the clear corners did. I also orderd Solaris bulbs from bimmian.

Just a heads up the rear bulbs for the clears from bimmian are the J shaped bulbs (the arrangement of the little nubs on the bulbs) not the bulbs that are straight across. The OEM bulbs that came with my car had the straight across alignment. If you go to the Bimmian website you will know what I am talking about.
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