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There are several things to consider, depending on how frequently you would use the equipment, and what tools you would be using. Tools such as impact wrenches, ratchets, nailers, don't need that much power, while sanders, drills, sand blasters require a lot of air volume. Ideally you want to get the most CFM and tank size you can afford. Look at some of the tools you are buying and check their requirements, then get the compressor based on that.

In most cases, you are constrained by how much power you have available. Most house circuits in the garage are 120V, 15A. That would pretty much limit your options, unless you are running a new dedicated 20A circuit or a 220V circuit.

A filter and oiler would make your life a lot easier and protect your tools. I have my compressor running two lines, a clean line (for paint guns, air blowing, tire inflating, etc) and an oiled line (for tools). Each line uses a different hose.

Originally Posted by hexproject
hi, looking to get some air tools for suspension install, exhaust, rims removal, etc.

what kind of air tools would i need? how many horse power and how many gallon is sufficient?

any help would be great.

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