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you can mod a lease....but you have to do mods that you can remove later on...

I can't understand why you would walk into the dealer and just hand over 30 grand. All those people thinking they are because they paid cash upfront are quite mistaken. The amount of money you lose due to depreciation is very high. Sure it might make your ego feel better but it is a bad finiancial decision. I would much rather finiance the car if I was going to buy it.

But what I personally like to do is this: I lease the car for 3 years with 0 down and my monthly payment is the depreciation on the car. Now if I like the car and want to keep it after the lease term is over, I would just buy it out and pay off the remaining value...

Also, leasing makes sense to business owners because they can write off their car payments. It also makes sense if you like to switch cars every couple of years.
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